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Mengawali Tahun 2009, Management menerbitkan wadah Informasi Online melalui, agar menuju pelayanan yang prima.
Mengundang Semua Rekan Management untuk Mempersiapkan Planning Kerja 2009...

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DUTARYO GROUP aims to be a client/business partner satisfaction-oriented company. To pursue
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In 1997 Duta Permata Koryo was established as Crewing Agency. PT. Dutaryo Putra Samudra as Shipping
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DUTARYO GROUP "  is a holding company established since 2001 as group company of :
With various best quality services as Shipping company, Trucking company and‚ Manning Agencies in Indonesia.
Most of the personnel who estblish‚ and incharge of the company are experienced in Marine services industry, Shipping management, Marine supplier,  recruitment and Trucking services including of containeer custom clearance.

Chairman :
The founder of PT.Duta Permata Koryo in 1997. With this company he aim to prepare high quality sailors that meet with the requirement of international demand. He has 15 years experience of sea-faring with foreight shipping company especially at oil tankers south east asia company traders. He acted as Director of PT.Duta Permata Koryo since year 1999 till now. He also acting as Managing Director of shipping companies, PT.Dutaryo Putra Samudra since year 1998 till present and also managing Director of PT. Armada Dutaryo Group for the period of 2001 - present,  Once the three company establised as group company for the year 2001, the founder state as a Chairman for the group company colled " DUTARYO GROUP".

Mobile : (+62) 811 959 863
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
            This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Consultant : Capt. E.W. Manikome MMar.
Acted as Marine Consultant of the company. Graduated from Indonesia Maritime College (AIP), he completed his advanced studies in Maritime in several countries, Marine Insurance Shipboard Management, TOT on Seamanship, GMDSS (Norway), ISM Code (DNV), TOE, ANT-1 and obtained his Master in Maritime (M.Mar). With his educational background in Maritime, he worked mostly with an International sea fearer: Germany, Netherland, Japan and Indonesian Ship as well, as Ship Captain/Master for number of years. And with both practical experience and formal education, he prepared him selves to be a provision instructor in his field and become his career. He has 30 years span in education field as well as training. He was assigned to be the principal of several Indonesian Maritime College. During his time, BPLPD Barombong (Indonesian Maritime College in Ujung Pandang), is re-known as an institution that produces skilled maritime workers. At present he is assign as the President Director/lecturer of Focus Maritime Training Center, Jakarta and lecturer in Jakarta Merchant Marine College (government owned Maritime Institute).
Mobile :
+62 813 809 809 00



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